Electronic tickets

Electronic tickets
Electronic Tickets often called E-Tickets replaced the old tickets, According to the Air Transport Association it was confirmed that in 2007,
92% of flight tickets were in electronic form.
Of course, with Flamurtari Travel Agency you can also travel with electronic tickets (E-Tickets).

We have a very easy electronic ticketing service, for example:
You book your flight by phone, e-mail or directly to our offices.
When purchasing a traveling ticket, your personal information, destination and travel dates are recorded in our database.
After performing this procedure you will choose the payment option (IBAN, Post office or in our offices).
After the booking procedure closes you will receive the electronic ticket number by phone, e-mail or by post.
For you, electronic tickets bring many advantages:
  •     You can't lose your electronic tickets, they can't be stolen either.
  •     Changes to your flight can be made soon enough, you just need the booking number you received.
  •     Shortens long waits at Check-in counters.

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